About Us

With locations all over the UK and a Head Office based in North West London, Claret Diagnostics operates a private pathology test sample collection and processing service. Claret Diagnostics has been formed to allow individuals to have the option to invest their own personal resources to get tested where these tests are not available or take a longer period to obtain results via the NHS or individual private medical institutions are not able to provide the test or to provide a means for an individual to be tested to address their own concerns about their health. We will always recommend that the patients are referred or take the advice of a doctor or medical professional if any prognosis is required.

Mission Statement: To provide efficient, timely, trustworthy, high-standard, and cost-effective pathology services. Pathology touches all of our lives, from before we are born to, in many cases, after we die. Around 95% of clinical pathways rely on patients (customers) having access to this type of pathology service.

Our Services:

We only work with approved laboratories so that the quality of our tests and testing is trustworthy and to the highest standard. We are honest and clear about our delivery timelines for results and strive to provide a clear, professional, protected, and safe experience for our customer’s testing needs.

Our staff is trained to be empathetic to provide a better customer experience. They work for us with integrity and closely with patients. Their work is monitored to be accurate, honest, and valid.