What is the PCR test for?

To detect the whether you have SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in your nose or throat.

What is an antibody test for?
To check whether you have developed antibodies to the virus in your blood from a past infection or exposure.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please check our terms and conditions

What if I want to request a refund or replacement?

All information on refunds and exchanges can be found in our Terms and conditions

How long does the test take at the clinic?

The actual antibody blood test and PCR swab test when taken at our clinic are fairly quickly. However once we incorporate the steps to ensure a safe and clean cubical and clear collaton of your information to ensure the process of delivering your results is smooth. We would estimate a customer to be at our clinic for no more than 15 minutes. Please note this is an estimate, and unforeseen occurrences on the day could mean your visit takes a little longer. 

What is the delivery time of an online order? Can I request a first class delivery?

We estimate deliveries to take between 1-2 working days however this cannot be guaranteed by us as we are reliant on Royal Mail . All our prices for home-kits include a First Class delivery, and we do not currently offer any other option.

What protective measures does the clinic have?

The safety of our staff and customers is our priority, and we have taken considerable steps to ensure our clinic is a safe and secure environment. The clinic is fully equipped with sanitizers, social distanced seating, reception screening and masks available for customers. Our trained staff wear PPE and surfaces, equipment and furniture are regularly cleaned with disinfectants. Although we take all the necessary actions to provide a safe facility, we cannot guarantee 0% spread of any virus during these unprecedented times. We kindly ask to bring your own mask if you have one.

Why would I do the PCR test? Why would I do the antibody test? How do I know which test I need?

Please click on any location for any test or select a home kit to see a full description of the test. The ‘information’ button at the bottom of each section of tests explains test turnaround frequency and home test requirements.

What type of test is the PCR test?
It is a test that detects the RNA of coronavirus particles. This is why it is so sensitive and accurate. It does not rely on the body’s response to having been exposed to the virus previously, which can be variable. It tests for the presence of the coronavirus itself.

Is the PCR test accurate?
If there are any coronavirus on your swab it will definitely find it. However if it does not find coronavirus on your swab it does not necessarily mean you don’t have it. You may have swabbed in way that missed the virus, or at a time when it was in such low numbers that it didn’t get picked up on the swab. The best way to ensure the test is as accurate as possible is that a trained person takes the swab for you or use our in-clinic service once available.

What type of test is the antibody test?
It is a blood test sample collection which can be taken at our private clinic by our trained healthcare professional. The sample is then sent within 24 hours to our laboratory partner to process using a gold standard immunoassay auto-analyser manufactured by one of the world’s leading laboratory and diagnostics providers.

How long does it take to process the tests and receive the results?
Please check the ‘information’ button at the bottom of each section.

What do I do if I find out I have coronavirus on my swab in the PCR test?
Make sure you isolate yourself immediately and advise others in your household to do the same. Read all the government guidance and if you are feeling at all unwell please call 111 to find out what to do next.

What is Sensitivity of the IgG Antibody Test?
This test has proven to be 100% sensitive in identifying antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at 14 days after onset of covid-19 symptoms. Or put another way, everyone who had an illness that was confirmed to be caused by covid-19 developed IgG antibodies 14 days later so there were no false negatives.

What Regulatory Approvals Does the Test Have?
The test is PHE approved, CE marked and FDA EUA approved.

Will I be Immune to Covid-19 Illness if I have a Positive IgG Test?
We don’t know yet. There is still a lot to learn about this virus and having antibodies does not mean you definitely have immunity. Furthermore it is not yet clear how long immunity lasts, even if there is any. So please continue to adhere to Government advice, social distancing and taken protective measures even if you do test positive for the antibodies. While there is still a lot of uncertainty, it is likely and that you may have at least some temporary immunity.