COVID-19 testing

Pre and post covid-19 experiences

We all had a life before the covid-19 outbreak. Everywhere bustled and rustled till the virus came and took it away from us without mercy. Before the lockdown, we enjoyed family gatherings, unions, celebrations, work, academic, and social life. At the instance of the virus, all of these abruptly changed at the snap of a finger. Everything is beginning to come back to normal now, but we cannot be too sure of total normality because a cure is yet to be found. Nevertheless, it is advisable to continue with the covid-19 safety measures, get the vaccine shots, and equally get tested using the PCR test for covid-19 or other covid-19 tests.

The sudden outbreak of the virus and total lockdown undoubtedly affected us. However, it had some positive outcomes on family life, work-life, and children who lacked proper care and attention from their parents. Couples bonded with their children and vice versa, work stress was reduced due to a lack of physical meetings, and children spent quality time with their parents. Despite the positive outcome, the devastating nature of the outbreak engulfed all. The experiences before and during the pandemic, from the economy, to the healthcare systems, will be discussed. Noting the economic meltdown and the swift change in the healthcare system of the United Kingdom.

The Economy

Before the outbreak, the UK economy was unstable due to the impact of Brexit. It did not stop the country’s thriving in exporting goods and services as it produced significant value. The economy showed a notable increase in manufacturing operations, including food, beverage, machinery and equipment, and chemicals. However, like other countries, the UK faced a challenge of recession concerning the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially during the lockdown. The economy became worse than unstable. It affected the whole production capability coupled with a slowdown in global demand and concerns regarding the availability of raw materials. As a result, machinery and equipment manufacturers temporarily halted their production operations in the country. For example, in March 2020, the Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Limited (JCB) suspended manufacturing at all of its UK factories due to the fall in demand for construction equipment. The JCB company’s global demand for products declined as customers cancelled orders and suspended deliveries. Furthermore, since the relaxation of the lockdown and the introduction of testing, vaccination, and other safety measures, companies are opening up, and the country’s economy is gradually returning to stability.

The Healthcare Systems

Healthcare facilities have specific number capacities of which healthcare systems can accept mostly for hospitals. Before the outbreak, patients were given proper attention and care in their various wards. With the sudden breakout of the virus, healthcare systems were caught unprepared. This caused a large influx in hospitals resulting in a shift of attention from the non-covid patients and the emergency ward to the covid-19 patients. The response strategy of an extensive human resource activation and the upskilling program was launched, together with the invention of intensive care units. These minimised the overpopulation of hospitals. The experiences of non-covid-19 patients during this period of the initial outbreak worsened due to lack of proper care. In the long run attention and care were given evenly to all, both covid and non-covid patients. Cities like London and Wales recorded significant death rates due to their population density. Residents in these cities should always take their vaccine shots and go for tests to curtail the spread and minimise death.

With the lessons learnt from these experiences, various emergency measures should be in place in case of another pandemic or outbreak. Social distancing, quarantine, travel restrictions, lockdown, and other physical safety guidelines, certainly saved us from a big doom and limited the spread and rapid death in the country. Although testing and vaccination came into play late, they also helped curb the spread of the virus. The PCR test London, the swab test, and other covid-19 tests are still available for proper detection of the virus and continuous treatment.

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