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NB Quantitative IgG Test Self Swab Home


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This is a finger prick test for collating a blood sample to be sent to our laboratory for covid antibody testing. This is home sample collation kit and therefore it is posted to our customers. Please allow lead postal times to receive it and whilst it is received back by post to our clinic. Please ensure you collate a full sample.

The results of this test are quantitative and expressed as percentage antibody response. The test cover both iGm and iGg tests as an IgM blood test only tells you that there is a presence of antibodies.

The interpretation is as follows. Anything greater than 30% suggests that a person has developed an antibody response. This may be through previous sarscov2 infection or the vaccination programme. The IgG neutralising antibodies in this assay target the spike protein and RBD domain of the virus – these proteins are an important mechanism for the virus to gain entry into the host cell via the ACE2 receptor. A strong antibody response against this process means there is immunity to viral infection i.e. developing COVID19. A 100% value from this assay means there is good protection from infection.

The clinical trials have not yet categorised levels of immunity with any of the assays yet, i.e. mild, moderate, strong immunity but if a person has high percentage value (especially after having covid and double jabbed) then it can be assumed that they have very good protection.