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Rapid Antigen Test (Knightsbridge) London SW7 1DW

£49.00 10 minutes

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This is a Departure test. This test tells if you are currently infectious with COVID-19 in just 15 minutes with a simple and accurate swab test. Our healthcare staff will carry out the test and customers will receive a certified emailed result certificate, however please check with your airline and travel destination if this is an accepted test in order to travel.The test takes the form of a simple throat and nose swab, which can then be tested by one of our healthcare professionals, giving a result in as little as 15 minutes. You will be told your results as soon as the test is processed and you will also be sent a certified email result shortly after the test.Our Rapid Antigen test is government approved , approved for entry into the UK, approved for use by the EU,  CE-marked,  QR-code secured result certificate sent by email. If you receive a positive result then you should immediately take steps to isolate and follow the government guide lines, as you will be infectious to others.



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